About Pixeltoworld Web 3.0 Development And Solutions

We believe that web 3.0 is a new architecture for the internet. Pixeltoworld conceptualised this service before working on it. We aim to experiment with technology and give a unique product to our clients. Till now we have successfully achieved all the goals in the web 3.0 web development services. 

Pixeltoworld web 3.0 Development Services


The crypto wallet currency is the biggest trend of this time. We worked with this technology on several different platforms like hyperledger, ethereum, EOS, etc. Our company take the security as the topmost priority for any blockchain application.

2 Augment Reality

Augmented reality is an emerging and engaging service for the new age business. This technology is useful for all the different businesses and enterprises. We have worked with several different companies on this platform.

3 Internet of Things

Pixeltoworld has mastered the resources of IoT. We have made easy and established communications in this Service. Which provide access to multiple users in a snap of fingers without any glitches or errors.

4 Machine Learning

Our team of experts works on web 3.0 services which are data oriented and machine learning is the most beneficial service in that development. It gives user oriented solutions and simpler implementations in the service.

Why To Choose Pixeltoworld For Web 3.0 Development Services

Our goal with web 3.0 development service is to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world. Our team of well skilled and learned developers visualize and conceptualise the whole idea of web 3.0 development. There are zero loop holes and issues object by clients to Pixeltoworld.

Maximilian Wagner


Alexander Schmidt

Head of Studio

Sofie Schulz

Executive Producer

Maria Schulz

Executive Producer

Emilia Stein


Paul Schreiber

Post Producer

Luis Martin

Post Producer

Anna Schwarz

Art Director

Elias Klein

Lead VFX

Felix Koch

Lead Compositor / Colorist

Hannah Hoffmann

Lead Environment

Mia DuPont

Assistante Post-Producer


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