About Pixeltoworld Dedicated Resources

We are here to help you and save you from the hustle of recruitment. Hire dedicated developers of Pixeltoworld for your dream project. Ramp up your development capacity by Hiring world-class and skilled dedicated developers. Hire dedicated developers and move ahead of the competition.

Pixeltoworld Dedicated Resources services

1 Onsite Team

Get to Hire the developers from our experts, committed talent and create your own team to boss and build your project. You can save a big cost on training and retaining employees by hiring a dedicated development team.

2 Off Site

Pixeltoworld offer onsite team of experienced professionals who have great work expertise and knowledge. You will get cutting-edge technology and web developer solutions. We are known for our security and scalability.

3 Product Development

For new age development it is better to hire a dedicated product development team instead of going for fixed cost models. We implement the best development practices while completing your business requirements efficiently.

4 Cost Effectiveness

Pixeltoworld adheres to providing dedicated resources, to help you fulfill business requirements in a cost-effective and timely manner. Our team works around the clock and with advanced technology to give sufficient results to clients.

Why To Choose Pixeltoworld For Dedicated Resources

Pixeltoworld offer onsite and offsite staffing services to fill gaps in the development cycle. Our presence at client sites can be frequent, or full-time depending on the development life cycle. We give comprehensive solutions and information to our clients regarding project management.

Maximilian Wagner


Alexander Schmidt

Head of Studio

Sofie Schulz

Executive Producer

Maria Schulz

Executive Producer

Emilia Stein


Paul Schreiber

Post Producer

Luis Martin

Post Producer

Anna Schwarz

Art Director

Elias Klein

Lead VFX

Felix Koch

Lead Compositor / Colorist

Hannah Hoffmann

Lead Environment

Mia DuPont

Assistante Post-Producer


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